Siddha Yoga Family Retreat

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In Siddha Yoga Family Retreats, families with children of all ages participate in the Siddha Yoga practices of chanting and meditation, and gather daily for satsang to articulate their experiences. Through this dynamic engagement with the spiritual practices and study, families immerse themselves in Siddha Yoga sadhana. Family Retreats also include time for playing outdoors and enjoying nature.

The Siddha Yoga Family Retreat at the Siddha Yoga Asham in Oakland takes place once a year in July.  Many families choose to arrive a day or two early to settle in before the retreat.

Elements of the Family Retreat schedule include:

  • Satsang for Families with a Siddha Yoga story
  • Creative activities, such as art, music or acting, designed for each age group
  • Time playing games outdoors and enjoying nature
  • Dancing saptah (movement and chanting)
  • Chanting Namasankirtana
  • Age appropriate meditation sessions