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Siddha Yoga Satsang: Meditation with the Surya-gayatri Mantra

The Surya-gayatri honors Surya Devata, also known as Savitri, the lord of the sun. As the effulgence that brings life to and illumines all activities in the world, Savitri represents the supreme light of Consciousness—the Self of all. In A Sweet Surprise Satsang on January 1, Gurumayi introduced meditating with the Surya-gayatri as a way to practice her Message for 2018 – Satsang.

As you meditate, you will hear the Surya-gayatri mantra recited in the Vibhas raga. This raga is joyful and energetic, like the first birdcalls of the day.

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Earlier Event: December 1
Text Chant: Shri Shiva Mahimnah Stotram
Later Event: December 9
Siddha Yoga Satsang for Families